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Cookies For The Forgetful

· Posted in Software
When the going gets tough, the tough mess with cookies! Well sort of. I started using Chromium from the Chromium Daily Build PPA yesterday at work. I remembered most of my passwords for things, but one eluded me. The wiki. The wiki system we use is WikkaWiki and while it does the job, it’s not something that would be my first choice. Or second choice. Anyway. The weird thing is, it does something stupid and as a result, Firefox can’t remember th…

Drastically Speed Up Web Browsing

· Posted in Software
Uninstall Firefox Install Chrome There is no step 3 I'm seriously getting sick and tired of Firefox. Chrome for Linux can't come any faster. When even with only 5 tabs open, it eats over 600 MB, and frequently fades out to the standard "application not responding" state. It can't even switch tabs without lagging. If I have a video playing in one tab, it frequently hangs when I switch tab, or open a new tab. Pain. Chrome is just better, and once …

Feedburner Fiasco, Part 3

· Posted in Meta
(See (remote-inline)Part 2) Well I found the proper ping URL,, and it looks like everything is supposedly working as advertised. No doubt I'll be keeping an eye on things for the next little while… Google Reader also seems to be a bit slow too. EDIT: Nope. 37 minutes after publishing even with the ping and Feedburner doesn't have it yet. Changing plugins for giggles.

Feedburner Fiasco, Part 2

· Posted in Meta
(See (remote-inline)Part 1) My initial thought was that Feedburner was just getting redirected to itself, but the code is there in the plugin, and does work, but added a ping, so hopefully this actually makes it update a bit faster… It's probably some sort of caching issue, which I'm investigating as well.

Feedburner Seems Behind The Times...

· Posted in Meta
In that, my feed doesn't get updated fast enough. I had a post go out at 8 AM, then at 8:47 AM, and they both showed up at just after noon. Anybody else experiencing this? I'll probably follow up if I fix this.

Estimation, Windows Style

· Posted in Entertainment
You thought this would be some epic post? Well maybe later. For now, just some xkcd. Everybody hates the fact that Windows can't seem to estimate file transfers at even remotely well, and finally somebody has made it into something funny. Estimation

Look At Your Screen, Not Your Keyboard

· Posted in Editorial
On the recently launched superuser I found this little gem. As in my comment, why are you playing a game like Team Fortress 2 and looking anywhere but your screen? Why do you need to look at your keyboard at all? I use a Das Keyboard version 1 at work and a version 2 at home (the current version 3 is most similar to version 2). They are both blank. They don't require any resource hogging drivers. They don't have any flashing lights, extra dials,…

Simple jQuery Timeout

· Posted in Programming
I needed jQuery to fadeout an item after a certain timeout, and I found it odd that I couldn't find a native jQuery way to do it. Whatever. jQuery is so awesome that it doesn't matter, because here's what I came up with. EDIT 28-Nov-2009 In retrospect, all I wanted was a jQuery like syntax, but leveraging jQuery to do the timeout is sort of wrong. After all, Javascript does have a setTimeout function. I must have been in a jQuery must do all of …

role_on: Really Simple Roles (For Rails)

· Posted in Programming
I looked at a few role systems for Rails, but never found what I wanted. They were all object based systems, never just "allow a user with this role to do this action". Either that or I never found the systems that did that, or totally missed the docs on how to configure those systems to do what I wanted. Well, actually acl9 seemed to do that, but whatever. So I made role_on The instructions are on Github, so I won't repeat them here, but it's p…

Useful Links Of The Evening

· Posted in Links
Ruby on Rails content_for Project: Builder RSS pauldix-feedzirra Basic Rails association cardinality Nested Object Form with has_one Relation

apt-runner: Just Install It For Me, Please!

· Posted in Programming
Picture this: You are reading some tutorial or whatever, and you need to install some things. So you run 'aptitude install prog1 prog2'. Then you realize you need prog3 and 4 too, so you CTRL+C that, and run 'aptitude install prog1 prog2 prog3 prog4'. Then you see you need something else. Rinse and repeat. This is really annoying. The worst part is you can't run multiple aptitude instances, because they'll whine about file locks or something. I …

Get Chromium Running On Linux (Specifically Ubuntu)

· Posted in Software
So what I have here is nothing fancy. It's basically cut and paste from the Chromium site, but if you don't want to think, just download and run, and have Chromium on your Ubuntu setup. So, on with the script: The comments speak for themselves. Basically, get prerequisites, get tools, get source, build away. This process will take awhile, so once it starts go flirt with your significant other for a bit :) The first thing you see when you start u…

Wordpress Multipart Posts, Inlined With jQuery: Part 2

· Posted in Programming
(See (remote-inline)Part 1) And we're back! So, just take a look up below the title…see that little link? Yeah go ahead and click that. If I did my job right (tested in Safari on Windows, Chrome, FF), the contents for Part 1 should slide in above this post. In this post, since I use the Textile 2 plugin, I add this snippet at the top: (See [(remote-inline)Part 1](/2009/07/08/wordpress-multipart-posts-inlined-with-jquery-part-1)) In textile land,…

Wordpress Multipart Posts, Inlined With jQuery: Part 1

· Posted in Programming
This is the first of a multipart post. I'll be the first to admit, after you read this, and part 2, ignoring the context and concentrating on the actually content, you'd wonder why, but it makes sense when it's all together. So I've seen many multipart posts out there, do this today, tomorrow do this, and every time, in order to view them all together, you, um, can't. You have to have multiple tabs open and read one, then read the next, flipping…

LaTex And Fonts

· Posted in Software
I found this page when trying to figure out how to get LaTeX to use Helvetica. Proved quite useful and insightful. One of the most interesting bits was this note: The dirty little secret here is that when you do this, you might not be getting the true Helvetica but rather it's very close cousin Nimbus Sans. That might depend on your system, and LaTex setup though. Nevertheless, Nimbus is still far better font type than Arial. My question is can …

ufw And xen - Make Them Play Nice

· Posted in Software
I was setting up ufw on my server and noticed my xen instances couldn't do anything. Simple fix, and if you Google that, you'll find this link at the top. Solves the problem straight up. Xen and UFW on Ubuntu