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T + G I F R

These are apps, libraries, and other projects I'm working on, or have done in the past.



Tinderizer allows you with the click of a bookmark, to send almost any page on the web to your Kindle for reading at a later time. It's written in Go, hosted on Heroku and the source is available here.


This is a simple web app to compile less and coffeescript as a service. It runs on node.js with with the source available here.


balance does simple TCP, HTTP, and HTTPS load balancing with a minimal Go app. You can see the source code here.


A simple app to download the original photos from one of your sets on Flickr.


sniper is a process monitoring app written in Go. It's in progress.


manbearpig is mutation testing tool for Go.


Go, The Standard Library

Go, The Standard Library is an in depth look into the standard library packaged with the Go Programming Language. Learn to use the standard library to build apps fast, with less dependencies. It focuses on complete examples instead of incomplete snippets.

Go Libraries


env is a library for Go to pull variables from the environment. It can pull strings, ints, and floats, and you can optionally specify a default.


twitterstream is a Twitter streaming API for Go. It only supports password authentication.


blargh is a simple blogging package for Go.


goblet is a utility to package a directory into a Go executable. It gives you an API (manual and net/http) to get files out.


goctopus is lets receive values from multiple channels as though they are one channel.


nltk is a simple natural language toolkit for Go. What's there works fine (it's used in blargh), though it's far from complete.


parser is a parser combinator library for Go. It's in progress.


webutil is little grab bag of utilities for web servers in Go.

Ruby Libraries


sinatra-bundles is an extension to bundle and compress Javascript and CSS assets for sinatra


rack-gist rewrites Github gist script includes to make them load asynchronously, without blocking your page from loading. Check it out more here.


lol_concurrency gives you a simple Future and Actor API.


magdex is a database for MagLev using MagLev's Persistent Root. It's not really done.

Other Fun Things

Twitter Link Filter Bookmarklet

Filter out tweets without links using a simple bookmarklet. Drag it up and go to town.

Filter Links

Twitter Reply Filter Bookmarklet

Filter replies on Twitter so you can see what people normally tweet about.

Filter Replies