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Look At Your Screen, Not Your Keyboard

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On the recently launched superuser I found this little gem.

As in my comment, why are you playing a game like Team Fortress 2 and looking anywhere but your screen? Why do you need to look at your keyboard at all?

I use a Das Keyboard version 1 at work and a version 2 at home (the current version 3 is most similar to version 2). They are both blank. They don't require any resource hogging drivers. They don't have any flashing lights, extra dials, programmable buttons, or scrolling LCDs. The one downside is there is are no USB ports either, but the newest version remedies that.

Logitech makes excellent products, and I swear by their mice, but I've never liked their keyboards, especially the high end gaming keyboards. You have to install the extra piece of software to make the LCD and extra buttons do anything useful, and really all it does is use resources that could be put to better use.

While I encourage to each their own, I still find it interesting that one would want to actively give themselves something else to pay attention to while playing a game. Just keep your eyes on your screen, and use your keyboard for typing okay?