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Wordpress Multipart Posts, Inlined With jQuery: Part 1

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This is the first of a multipart post. I'll be the first to admit, after you read this, and part 2, ignoring the context and concentrating on the actually content, you'd wonder why, but it makes sense when it's all together.

So I've seen many multipart posts out there, do this today, tomorrow do this, and every time, in order to view them all together, you, um, can't. You have to have multiple tabs open and read one, then read the next, flipping back and forth to refer back and it gets annoying. Why can't they all be on one page? Well they can, with jQuery.

I wrote the theme for this blog, so I have things laid out the way I want them, but it's also designed so that I can grab parts of it and play with it. For example, there is a post sidebar and post content block (okay it could've been a bit better, all that in one div, which I could probably still do, but that's a thought for later). So if I have a two part post, like this one, why can't I when I'm on the page for part 2, give a link to part 1, but have it magically grab the first page, and stick it into the DOM? Oh wait I totally can!

Stay tuned to see how!