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Simple jQuery Timeout

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I needed jQuery to fadeout an item after a certain timeout, and I found it odd that I couldn't find a native jQuery way to do it.

Whatever. jQuery is so awesome that it doesn't matter, because here's what I came up with.

EDIT 28-Nov-2009

In retrospect, all I wanted was a jQuery like syntax, but leveraging jQuery to do the timeout is sort of wrong. After all, Javascript does have a setTimeout function. I must have been in a jQuery must do all of this mindset. This is better.

EDIT 19-Jan-2010

Even then, with that implementation, all it does is pass the arguments to another function, just in a different order, so WTF is the point?

Well I suppose you could extend it to do other things, maybe start and stop a spinner, or if anything just to encapsulate the functionality into jQuery. Maybe on some browsers there is a problem with setTimeout and what you want to do, specifically, so you could put your logic to not use it on that browser, and yet still have the same syntax for running something after x amount of time. I also don't like the parameter ordering in setTimeout, but that's just me.