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sinatra-bundles: Easy Asset Bundling For Sinatra

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sinatra-bundles is an easy way to bundle CSS and Javascript assets in your sinatra application.

Yes! It has tests! They are on runcoderun


sinatra-bundles combines Javascript and CSS into one file. Meaning, you can bundle 2 or more Javascript files into one, similar with CSS stylesheets. Any bundled files are expected to be in the public directory, under 'javascripts' and 'stylesheets'

Assuming you have the following files in public:


You can bundle these files in your app like this:


% [sudo] gem install sinatra-bundles

In your app:

Then in your view, you can use the view helpers to insert the proper script tags:

= javascript_bundle_include_tag(:all)
= stylesheet_bundle_link_tag(:all)

All 6 of those files will be served up in 2 files, and they'll be compressed and have headers set for caching.


The defaults are pretty good. In development/test mode:

bundle_cache_time # => 60 * 60 * 24 * 365, or 1 year
compress_bundles # => false
cache_bundles # => false
stamp_bundles # => true

And in production mode, compression and caching are enabled

compress_bundles # => true
cache_bundles # => true

To change any of these, use set/enable/disable

That's pretty much it. My blog uses this, so check out the code for it if you want a more real example. It's on github

sinatra-bundles is also on github

There are docs, and you can run rake yard to generate them, but and don't want to place nice right now, so they aren't actually available yet. Coming soon though! Docs are located on

The caveat? You need sinatra 0.10.1 (edge).

Fork away, report bugs, and submit patches! Go on now my pretties!