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Private Rubygems on Heroku

· Posted in Programming
Maybe Heroku changed something, or maybe it's the new Cedar stack, but using private gems from Github is pretty easy. It apparently didn't work before. The important part is in your ~/.ssh/config Host ForwardAgent yes After that it's no big deal. Just use an ssh URL to Github (or wherever, the Github part doesn't really matter) in your Gemfile and off you go! source :rubygems ruby '1.9.3' gem 'sinatra', :git => '…

Rubygems Beyond The Thunderdome

· Posted in Editorial
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You get into some new tech over the weekend. With enough excitement to kill a horse, you whip up a ruby gem and put it on Github. You get a few hits, some people using it over the next little while. A few bugs get reported, and you fix them. A few features get requested, and you implement them. A few pull requests get submitted too, and you merge them. You’re using it yourself, so you’re finding your own …

sinatra-bundles: Easy Asset Bundling For Sinatra

· Posted in Programming
sinatra-bundles is an easy way to bundle CSS and Javascript assets in your sinatra application. Yes! It has tests! They are on runcoderun Usage sinatra-bundles combines Javascript and CSS into one file. Meaning, you can bundle 2 or more Javascript files into one, similar with CSS stylesheets. Any bundled files are expected to be in the public directory, under 'javascripts' and 'stylesheets' Assuming you have the following files in public: ./styl…

Tweet Link Rollover

· Posted in Meta
I don’t like visiting sites for something really simple. Reading a single tweet is one of them. If I link to a tweet, you shouldn’t have to go to Twitter to view it. It’s just 140 characters. So what did I do? I added some codes to my blog to pull those tweets in. If I link to a tweet, I can go off to Twitter, pull in the tweet and set the ‘title’ attribute on the anchor tag so when you hover over the link, it shows the tweet text. Yay! From thi…

FeedBurner Is Awesome, Github Is Breaking, And This Is A Test

· Posted in Meta
FeedBurner has a new feature out, since Google announced their URL shortener. I originally had logic to shorten the permalinks with, then post to Twitter, but since FeedBurner can do this now, I'm not going to do it. I like to outsource that kind of stuff, which I'll talk about in a later post. Also in the news today, Github is having some problems, but they'll be back soon, so don't you worry. All in all, this is more of a test to see how…

Why The Github's Really Are Better Than The cvsdude's

· Posted in Editorial
There are a lot of hosted source control providers out there. Github, bitbucket, cvsdude, ProjectLocker, Codaset, SourceForge, Codeplex, Google Code, Beanstalk, and I could probably keep going until all 5 of you stopped reading my blog. Personally, I'm a Github kind of guy. From the looks of things, I would also enjoy Codaset or bitbucket. We use cvsdude at CodeBaby, and while it gets the job done, it's not something I'd use otherwise. First, th…

apt-runner: Just Install It For Me, Please!

· Posted in Programming
Picture this: You are reading some tutorial or whatever, and you need to install some things. So you run 'aptitude install prog1 prog2'. Then you realize you need prog3 and 4 too, so you CTRL+C that, and run 'aptitude install prog1 prog2 prog3 prog4'. Then you see you need something else. Rinse and repeat. This is really annoying. The worst part is you can't run multiple aptitude instances, because they'll whine about file locks or something. I …