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sinatra-bundles 0.3.0 Is Out

· Posted in Software
Version 0.3.0 of sinatra-bundles is out and powering the blog for a week or so. It's cold out there, so bundle up: % gem install sinatra-bundles require 'sinatra/bundles' Version 0.3.0 has a new feature and a slight API change. Custom path prefixes Yeah, I know, not everybody is as awesome as I am with their stylesheets and javascript files in the stylesheets and javascripts directories, but now you can control where they live on the disk. docun…

sinatra-bundles 0.2.0 Is Out

· Posted in Software
I pushed up a new version of sinatra-bundles and it's running smoothly on my blog here, so I best tell you about it. First, get your bundle on: % gem install sinatra-bundles require 'sinatra/bundles' Version 0.2.0 has a couple fun things. The sinatra dependency is bumped up to 1.0, since it's out (yay!), it's more awesome, and I'm not quite sure if the bug that prevented me from using earlier sinatra was fixed or not in the 0.9.6 release. etag s…

sinatra-bundles Plays Nice With Eval

· Posted in Programming
I recently added a Javascript file to my bundle with sinatra-bundles that uses Javascript's eval functionality. The call to eval executed code that referenced a method parameter. sinatra-bundles compresses Javascript files, and as part of that, shrinks variable names. Normally this isn't a problem, but in this case of eval, it became a problem, since it was trying to reference a local variable that no longer existed (because it got shrunk to som…

sinatra-bundles: Easy Asset Bundling For Sinatra

· Posted in Programming
sinatra-bundles is an easy way to bundle CSS and Javascript assets in your sinatra application. Yes! It has tests! They are on runcoderun Usage sinatra-bundles combines Javascript and CSS into one file. Meaning, you can bundle 2 or more Javascript files into one, similar with CSS stylesheets. Any bundled files are expected to be in the public directory, under 'javascripts' and 'stylesheets' Assuming you have the following files in public: ./styl…