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T + G I F R


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Hello developers, how are you? Fantastic.

Does your code look like mine? No.

Could it load like mine? Yes.

Should you use rack-gist to load your gists? I don’t know…

Do you like not blocking your users while you page loads another Javascript file?

Do you want code that looks like it could write your app for you in the dream computer it built for you with its own DWORDS?

Of course you do.

Recursive Hasselhoff!

Into the best gisting of your life.

So developers, should your code load like rack-gist’d code?

You tell me…

If you’re still here, you can use Rack::Gist to load Github Gists asynchronously so as to not block your users. Get all your goodness at

Can you tell I’ve been watching way too many internet videos lately?