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Deploying Your Ruby App With Mongrel2

· Posted in Software
If you're in the ruby world, and specifically the web side of the ruby world (Rails, Sinatra, etc), you should probably know who Zed Shaw is. I mean, he only wrote mongrel, which you're probably using as your application server. Well, he's been hard at work on Mongrel2, and it's a big change from the original mongrel. Mongrel2 isn't a ruby web server. It's (and I'm going to borrow straight from the site): Mongrel2 is an application, language, an…


· Posted in Software
Hello developers, how are you? Fantastic. Does your code look like mine? No. Could it load like mine? Yes. Should you use rack-gist to load your gists? I don’t know… Do you like not blocking your users while you page loads another Javascript file? Do you want code that looks like it could write your app for you in the dream computer it built for you with its own DWORDS? Of course you do. Recursive Hasselhoff! Into the best gisting of your life. …

Proper Rack Middleware Ordering

· Posted in Programming
It occurred to me the other day, that I should take a look at the middleware I use on this blog. I don't know what it was. My spidey senses just tingled. Boy was I right. I totally had it backwards. Rack middleware is a fantastic thing. It's like a little encapsulated rack application that you can use to filter, process, or otherwise mess with responses. There is middleware to add etags, configure caching, catch and log exceptions, deal with coo…