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swfobject, Meet jQuery

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I was getting sick and tired of just blindly copying and pasting embed code for videos and every other flash thing I post. Naturally, being a programmer I had to do something about it. Enter jQuery and swfobject

Check this out:

Some embed tags that are provided are only of one type: either object or embed. This is no good since that means some browsers are excluded and it won't work. Lame! Swfobject solves the problem by using JavaScript to insert the correct code for the browser. You need JavaScript, so get with the times if you don't have it turned on.h3. Your title here…

What I do is use jQuery to make a friendlier interface to swfobject. I can then hook up a document ready hook to look for div elements I specify with the proper class. I can hen pull other information like the URL of the swf to embed an the video dimensions. I then scale it to fit the width of my blog content, 600px, and finally do the embed. I also ensure you can make the video fullscreen and that the wmode property is set to opaque. Win!