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Hacking MarkItUp! To Help Me Embed Videos

· Posted in Programming
I use swfobject to embed videos because, as I explained back here, just blindly copying the embed code doesn't work that well half the time, and videos end up being different sizes, etc. I was getting kind of fed up with having to go back and remember how to do it every time though. The format is pretty straightforward, but I don't embed videos often enough to actually remember the exact syntax, so I found myself going back to posts with videos …

swfobject, Meet jQuery

· Posted in Software
I was getting sick and tired of just blindly copying and pasting embed code for videos and every other flash thing I post. Naturally, being a programmer I had to do something about it. Enter jQuery and swfobject Check this out: Some embed tags that are provided are only of one type: either object or embed. This is no good since that means some browsers are excluded and it won't work. Lame! Swfobject solves the problem by using JavaScript to inse…