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Programming With A Guitar

· Posted in Software
The Devexpress folks apparently have a little competition once in a while to show that their software kicks ass. The last one (as stated in the video) was a guy with a keyboard and no Devexpress vs the guy with chopsticks and a keyboard, but using Devexpress. Cool! Now they step it up and they have a Guitar Hero controller to write code. Badass! flowplayer('devexpress-movie', { src: '/swf/flowplayer.swf', wmode: 'opqaue' }, { clip: { url: 'http:…

My Tools Of The Trade

· Posted in Software
Well I figured since everybody else is doing it, why not hop on the bandwagon. These are my tools of the trade: Hardware 2009 Apple MacBook Pro 13" running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. I got this not too long ago, and it completed my operating system trilogy. Dell Inspiron 6400 running Ubuntu 9.04. My lifeblood in university and still a solid laptop. Custom Intel Core 2 Quad desktop w/ 8 GB DDR2 RAM and EVGA nVIDIA 295 GTX video card running Windows …


· Posted in Hardware
Somebody needs to make this. I would be on this like white on rice. 10/GUI from C. Miller on Vimeo.

Why The Github's Really Are Better Than The cvsdude's

· Posted in Editorial
There are a lot of hosted source control providers out there. Github, bitbucket, cvsdude, ProjectLocker, Codaset, SourceForge, Codeplex, Google Code, Beanstalk, and I could probably keep going until all 5 of you stopped reading my blog. Personally, I'm a Github kind of guy. From the looks of things, I would also enjoy Codaset or bitbucket. We use cvsdude at CodeBaby, and while it gets the job done, it's not something I'd use otherwise. First, th…

Techradar Needs To Turn On Their Radar

· Posted in Editorial
A few things in a recent techradar post made my eye twitch a bit. Keyboard and mice Obviously they aren't programmers. I have a hard time imagining that in only 10 years, programmers won't be using keyboards. Desktop PC's I like how the third sentence is a admittance that it won't die, and yes it's on the list. The upgradability and extendability of desktop PC's is one big advantage they have over laptops. One thing I could see is where a laptop…