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Techradar Needs To Turn On Their Radar

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A few things in a recent techradar post made my eye twitch a bit.

Keyboard and mice

Obviously they aren't programmers. I have a hard time imagining that in only 10 years, programmers won't be using keyboards.

Desktop PC's

I like how the third sentence is a admittance that it won't die, and yes it's on the list. The upgradability and extendability of desktop PC's is one big advantage they have over laptops. One thing I could see is where a laptop would dock with some desktop component to boost power and what not. That would be cool.

Operating Systems

Sure, we might not run Windows, but once again, they say in the blurb that there will be an operating system underlying things. An operating system is something you just can't get away from.

On a side note, I'm a sucker for linkbait.