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My Tools Of The Trade

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Well I figured since everybody else is doing it, why not hop on the bandwagon.

These are my tools of the trade:


  • 2009 Apple MacBook Pro 13" running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. I got this not too long ago, and it completed my operating system trilogy.
  • Dell Inspiron 6400 running Ubuntu 9.04. My lifeblood in university and still a solid laptop.
  • Custom Intel Core 2 Quad desktop w/ 8 GB DDR2 RAM and EVGA nVIDIA 295 GTX video card running Windows 7 RC. My gaming machine, but also for Windows related development.
  • Das Keyboards - There is no better keyboard.


The software bits I use are pretty straightforward

  • TextMate. Great editor.
  • Emacs. Another great editor.
  • Git. Best. SCM. Ever.
  • Safari. Fast and integrated.
  • Firefox. Letting me down lately, but still a solid development platform.
  • Chrome. Best. Browser. Ever.
  • LaunchBar. I removed everything from and hid the dock. I much prefer to be able to use the keyboard to start things that searching through menus and what not.
  • Visutal Studio 2008. For those .NET Windows things.
  • Eclipse. For Java stuff.
  • The gnu toolchain. For *NIX C hacking.
  • Balsamiq. For when I have to do mockups.
  • DropBox. When I was in university, I would finish an assignment and print it out to hand it in (the ones I had to hand in a hardcopy for anyway). I would also put it in my DropBox, so that if I forgot to grab the assignment from the printer for whatever reason, it would be in my DropBox without me thinking and I could print it at school. Awesome software.
  • Transmit For transferring files in a GUI. Great for Amazon S3 stuff.
  • Pixlr Online graphics editing with layer support? Sign me up!

Other things

  • Heroku. Best. Ruby Hosting. Ever.
  • Google Apps. Who really wants to deal with email and crap? Just Let Google Do It.™