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Archives for 4/2009

Borland C++ Builder 5, How I Hate Thee

· Posted in Software
I'm pretty sure Borland's C++ Builder 5 is the worst IDE ever. It's slow. If you try to use tooltips or code completion, it takes a good 5 seconds before anything shows up. On top of that, since they didn't put the tooltip activity in a separate thread , the entire application is frozen and you get the hourglass while it's looking for something to display. Super. Not only does it take forever to get a tooltip, but the default timeout is too shor…

Einstein@Home Statistics In Wordpress Sidebar

· Posted in Programming
If, like me, you participate in some sort of grid computing project, it's interesting to see your progress. I take part in Einstein@Home, and I wanted to display my stats in my sidebar (on my other blog). I'll give you two ways to accomplish this. First way is the quick way, which involves including the jQuery Javascript library, and a second which involves writing your own Javascript. The second option results in a smaller file, but the jQuery …


· Posted in Programming
I still haven't used this, mainly just because I haven't had the need. I'm still convinced it's the greatest thing ever though. BugTrap

PARUS Parallel Programming Language

· Posted in Programming
I'm so lazy! Almost two years ago I said I'd check out PARUS, and it never happened. Well now I'm more organized and can put it on my Tracks todo list. I'll get to it. Probably not this weekend, but eventually. PARUS

Renaming SharePoint Sites With stsadm

· Posted in Software
I needed this when I worked back at Matrikon. I don't imagine the process has changed since then. It's kind of sketchy when you have to delete, then restore, but whatever, it worked for me. Your mileage may vary! Don't blame me if your entire site gets deleted :) Matthew Cosier's Blog: How to rename a WSS site

New Tech Blog

· Posted in Meta
Greetings all. This is my new place for my technology, programming and professional related musings as part of my professional online presence I'm going to be first moving over the tech posts from my other blog, and then posting new stuff as it comes along. Everything should be setup and working (oh except I need to get a better disclaimer in there…) so subscribe and see what I have to say. Or don't. It's your choice. I love the web!