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Post Twitter To

· Posted in Software
So I signed up at a while ago, but never really did anything with it. I also found Yahoo Pipes a while ago, and put it on my Todo List to look at, but that was about it. I don't know why I didn't think to look at it to do this. Anyway. Pipes lets you manipulate pretty much anything, RSS feeds being one of them. You can feed things around, or pipe them, and alter contents, do whatever. After a little Google work, I found this pipe that …

Feedburner Fiasco, Part 3

· Posted in Meta
(See (remote-inline)Part 2) Well I found the proper ping URL,, and it looks like everything is supposedly working as advertised. No doubt I'll be keeping an eye on things for the next little while… Google Reader also seems to be a bit slow too. EDIT: Nope. 37 minutes after publishing even with the ping and Feedburner doesn't have it yet. Changing plugins for giggles.

Feedburner Fiasco, Part 2

· Posted in Meta
(See (remote-inline)Part 1) My initial thought was that Feedburner was just getting redirected to itself, but the code is there in the plugin, and does work, but added a ping, so hopefully this actually makes it update a bit faster… It's probably some sort of caching issue, which I'm investigating as well.

Feedburner Seems Behind The Times...

· Posted in Meta
In that, my feed doesn't get updated fast enough. I had a post go out at 8 AM, then at 8:47 AM, and they both showed up at just after noon. Anybody else experiencing this? I'll probably follow up if I fix this.

Useful Links Of The Evening

· Posted in Links
Ruby on Rails content_for Project: Builder RSS pauldix-feedzirra Basic Rails association cardinality Nested Object Form with has_one Relation

RSS Fun With feedzirra

· Posted in Programming
Sometimes, checking RSS feeds is boring. Sometimes you just want to grab a picture or whatever from each item. For that, there's ruby. Oh and feedzirra. There is an RSS feed I read, except it's more of a picture feed and I just want to grab the pictures from it, and doing this through Google Reader is no fun. That's where ruby and feedzirra come in. feedzirra is a ruby gem for dealing with RSS feeds. It's got a great interface and just works. So…