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Worth Watching. Twice. Scott Hanselman On Social Networking For Developers

· Posted in Culture
I use this blog to communicate things to you that I find interesting or useful. I also use it to remember things for myself. It took me a minute to find this one again, so I thought I better post it so I don't lose it again. It's a solid talk with some good information, so check it out. Scott Hanselman talks about social networking and other interesting things. Social Networking for Developers

BioWare/Dragon Age: Origins Child's Play Auction

· Posted in Culture
The folks at BioWare have put together an amazing auction for charity. They’ve got a ridiculous collection of Dragon Age: Origins goodies, including a freaking shield. A shield! Are you kidding me?! No, I am not: The auction, which is on none other than eBay, can be found here while original blog post is here. Check it out even if you can’t participate, and pass it along. More money to help out the kids the better!