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Simple Twitter Streaming For Go

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I scratched my own itch. I made twitterstream

I was working on a little script to pull some images from Twitter, and wasn't happy with what was out there. The ruby gems available were throwing random exceptions or just pulled the JSON down into a hash.

I'm all about the Go programming language lately, so I started working in Go instead.

There were two libraries available, both named twitterstream, but neither worked the way I liked. Both use oatuh, and well, screw oauth. I just wanted to use my username and password for this little script. One of them hadn't been updated for Go1, and the other didn't have a proper type for a tweet. Granted, it does let you deserialize into whatever you want, so you could use a simple struct with only the text if that's all you wanted, but I wanted the whole tweet.

So I wrote twitterstream

It's pretty straightforward to use. It has a synchronous API, so you use it like that, or dump it into a goroutine and use it asynchronously too.

Install with go get and use like this:

For the full docs, head to

I'll probably add oauth at some point, but not right now. If you want to, go nuts, and send a pull request my way.