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Bash Brace Expansion For Less Typing

· Posted in Software
Named a file wrong? Need to move it to another directory? No big deal. What if you named a view file foo.haml instead of the proper foo.html.haml? mv app/views/widgets/foo.{haml,html.haml} Does exactly what you think it does. It expands to: mv app/views/widgets/foo.haml app/views/widgets/foo.html.haml Since it's just bash, it also works with git: git mv app/views/widgets/foo.{haml,html.haml} Works within the path too: git mv app/views/{widget,wh…

Simple Twitter Streaming For Go

· Posted in Programming
I scratched my own itch. I made twitterstream I was working on a little script to pull some images from Twitter, and wasn't happy with what was out there. The ruby gems available were throwing random exceptions or just pulled the JSON down into a hash. I'm all about the Go programming language lately, so I started working in Go instead. There were two libraries available, both named twitterstream, but neither worked the way I liked. Both use oat…

Go 1.0.2 Is Out

· Posted in Programming
Go 1.0.2 was released late last night. It's a bunch of bug fixes, including some nasty ones with hashes. It's completely backwards compatible with go1.0.1 and go1, so there's no reason not to update: cd $GOROOT hg pull hg update -r go1.0.2 cd src ./all.bash And you're done! You'll probably have to update some packages along the way. It will complain about how it was expecting a package for go1 or go1.0.1, which just means you need to recompile. …

Go, The Standard Library Updates

· Posted in Books
Since I posted about the starting at the beginning of April, naturally I've made some progress. I haven't been posting updates here because there's the mailing list and Twitter for that, but I've got five chapters out so it's time for a blog update. I'm going through the packages alphabetically so archive, bufio, builtin, bytes, and compress are ready to go. Head over to to subscribe to the mailing list and …