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Go, The Standard Library Available

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It's actually happening. I'm writing a book.

I saw a gap in the programming world. Most languages have an extensive standard library and core that a lot of programmers are missing out on. I was doing things the long way because I just didn't know the standard library had something built in.

I'm trying to fill that gap with deep looks at the standard library of your favorite language. My first step is called Go, The Standard Library, about the new programming language from some really smart people at Google.

You can head to to get Go, The Standard Library in it's super beta form. I've got a first draft for the first chapter, which you can download absolutely free. If you like what you see, and I think you will, buy the book for only $29 and get involved in the writing process now! See the book as it's being written and give valuable feedback so I can make the best book possible.

Don't forget to sign up for the mailing list as well to keep abreast of updates to the book and other cool Standard Library things. I'll also be writing about related things here.

If you want the full meal deal: