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Rails Rumble Immediate Post Mortem

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It's 10 minutes past 6 on Sunday evening, and we just wrapped up our Rails Rumble 2010 project.

Check it out at Check out our team here too.

This. Shit. Was. Real.

We had a rough start with lack of internet for 3 hours, had a few depressing times thinking we'd never finish, but we rocked our socks off with Windows and Internet Explorer, MacBooks, Twitter and Campfire, and produced a pretty cool application.

Please go check out Gemrage and start scanning your stuff.

You can do a system scan of installed gems, and project scans to see what gems your projects use, and if they need updates. You can send your friend a link to the project and share your gem list.

Check it out, and when the public voting opens up, go vote for us!