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Auto-scale Your Resque Workers On Heroku

· Posted in Programming
Let's get some background information out of the way. I'm working on a new application, and am using crazy new things that I haven't had a chance to really use before. Rails 3, MongoDB, Redis and Resque, HTML5, etc. 1 With all these things, I figured I'll just use EngineYard since I can pretty much do whatever I want with the server, and they have a lot of the "stuff" taken care of. But they don't support MongoDB out of the box, and you have to …


· Posted in Software
Hello developers, how are you? Fantastic. Does your code look like mine? No. Could it load like mine? Yes. Should you use rack-gist to load your gists? I don’t know… Do you like not blocking your users while you page loads another Javascript file? Do you want code that looks like it could write your app for you in the dream computer it built for you with its own DWORDS? Of course you do. Recursive Hasselhoff! Into the best gisting of your life. …

sinatra-bundles 0.3.0 Is Out

· Posted in Software
Version 0.3.0 of sinatra-bundles is out and powering the blog for a week or so. It's cold out there, so bundle up: % gem install sinatra-bundles require 'sinatra/bundles' Version 0.3.0 has a new feature and a slight API change. Custom path prefixes Yeah, I know, not everybody is as awesome as I am with their stylesheets and javascript files in the stylesheets and javascripts directories, but now you can control where they live on the disk. docun…