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My Ruby Style

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The folks at Thoughtbot have a Ruby community survey online, and you should all go take it. Well, as long as you are a ruby developer. Otherwise it doesn't really matter.

Anyway, I wanted to throw out what I do for ruby style (and general programming style in some cases).

  • I hate the 80 character limit. Get a real monitor would you please?
  • I don't align assignment operators.
  • I don't indent private/protected keywords.
  • I keep the code after private/protected indented the same as the rest.
  • I don't add blank lines after method/class definitions.
  • I use parentheses on method definitions when the method takes arguments, otherwise, no dice!
  • I only use parens when calling a method which I need to pass arguments to.
  • I prefer class << self over def
  • I use single quotes unless I need to interpolate. Interpolation is faster anyway.
  • I use bang methods (methods ending with a !) to denote methods that throw exceptions (instead of returning nil), or methods that alter the data structure (instead of returning a new instance).
  • I don't use exceptions for program flow (well maybe in a one off script hack).
  • I love inline rescue.
  • I use both global rescue and explicit rescue, depending on the situation.
  • I don't enforce LOC count on methods, but I keep them short enough to be manageable.
  • I don't use the return keyword unless I need it. It's faster, but I can't find the benchmark.
  • I love .each and use enumeration operators whenever possible.
  • I use self only when I need it.
  • I love metaprogramming, but I try to not overdo it.
  • I love method_missing, but again, try to not overdo it.
  • I like map over collect because I feel collect just makes no sense.
  • I prefer object.nil? when it clarifies meaning, but embrace the implicit cast.
  • I use the singular (or a really short name) for the argument to an each block.
  • I like the #try syntax.
  • I like NULL in the database for strings, but not other things.
  • I usually write a down method for migrations, unless it just doesn't make sense.
  • I raise an IrreversibleMigration exception if the migration calls for it.
  • I try to remember to index foreign key columns, but it usually comes down to doing it if there is a performance problem.
  • I use Haml, since I hate writing HTML, and ERB might as well be HTML. Haml forces me into it's indentation format, which I like.
  • I typically generate HTML in the views, but where appropriate use helper methods.
  • I don't vender gems, unless I need to change code in the gem.
  • I put global partials in a 'shared' folder.
  • I use the RESTful names, but add others when needed.
  • I use :except in routes.rb to prevent mapping of routes I don't want.
  • If code isn't in a library designed to be used by other developers, I usually don't document it. If it's complicated enough that you can't understand what's going on by reading the code, then it either needs to be reworked, or some minor commenting needs to be done if it can't be simplified.
  • I commit style changes to source control.

Well, that's me. Here's a bit of an example: