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Archives for 11/2009

Cancel YouTube Uploads On Your iPhone

· Posted in Hardware
This might seem trivial, but once you start an upload of a video to YouTube from your iPhone, I couldn't find a way to cancel it. Well no more are terrible drunken videos going to get uploaded! Oh wait, yes they will. Nevermind. Anyway. The simple way? Just set your phone to airplane mode. It turns off the radio, so if you are uploading on your cellular network, this will cause the upload to fail. If you are on Wifi, I would also assume that you…

Mockups And Me, A Balsamiq Review

· Posted in Editorial
If you haven't heard of Balsamiq Mockups, get out from under your rock and go look. I'll wait. Back? Cool, right? One really cool part is they will give you a free copy if you ask, but the deal is you have to blog about it. So this is me blogging about it. I heard about Balsamiq a while ago, but it never really clung to me. I never really had the need for it. I downloaded it and played with it for a few minutes, and then moved on with life. Then…

swfobject, Meet jQuery

· Posted in Software
I was getting sick and tired of just blindly copying and pasting embed code for videos and every other flash thing I post. Naturally, being a programmer I had to do something about it. Enter jQuery and swfobject Check this out: Some embed tags that are provided are only of one type: either object or embed. This is no good since that means some browsers are excluded and it won't work. Lame! Swfobject solves the problem by using JavaScript to inse…

Unescape HTML With Javascript

· Posted in Software
I'm just passing this on, as I didn't do it, I just found it. Over here is a pretty slick way to unescape HTML. I ran into the need for this when I was working on some inline-editing code. I wanted to reset the contents of the textarea to the contents of a pre tag. The contents of the tag are of course escaped, but I want them to be proper HTML in the textarea. Using this trick allowed me unescape the contents easily and stuff it back in the tex…

Screen Scraping With Ruby

· Posted in Software
Scripting languages are the bomb. I pretty much live in them right now. Ruby is my current (and probably will be for a long time) favourite scripting language, and it has a library for everything. Even if there isn't a library for what you want, it's super easy to write your own. I ran into a problem a while back that ruby solved nicely for me. I was downloading wallpapers from a website, but it was getting annoying. Really, I just wanted to gra…