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How Many Clicks Does It Take?

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I signed up for gdgt despite the fact that I whined about it not supporting OpenID. Here I am. Wee.

The first thing I tried to do when I got there was add a gadget to my have list. Makes sense right? That’s what you do. So I find the Dell 6400, and…there’s no ‘Have it!’ button. Hmm…well maybe if I…oh. There’s an ‘add to list’ button.

Okay, that makes sense, since they have 3 lists: have, want, had.

So I click that, and now I have to select a list, and then click another add button to add the gadget to my list. Three clicks. We live in a world of single clicks. I can follow somebody on Twitter with a single click, I can order DVD box sets from Amazon with a single click, and on various sites (StackOverflow for example), practically everything is single click (voting is a popular one).

Why can’t I have single click goodness? Why can’t I have 3 buttons? The space is there:

So I present my frustrations to @gdgt here

Their response. I mention about the space available and they respond with this

Cool. I’ll go with that. If they have something for that particular space, and it’s new and fancy and has more blinking lights and spinners then we’ll just have to see what they come out with. I’m at least glad that somebody was on the ball on Twitter and responding to me right away though, since I feel my frustration is valid, and has a good solution. I even suggested a cleaner but still better way to do it, so maybe gdgt users can look forward to 1 less click.

I still feel it should only take 1 click. What do you think?