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Archives for 8/2009

Service Level Agreements. Who cares?

· Posted in Editorial
More and more people seem to be ever so concerned about the Service Level Agreement. Okay. Actually it’s more like companies, and the people responsible for picking services. If you don’t know, a service level agreement is basically a statement by a company providing a service that their service will be available and usable a certain amount of time. As an example from the CVSDude website: 99.9% Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA). While all CVS…

Threaded Awesome

· Posted in Programming
tmm1 and joedamato put up a good slide show on slideshare about ruby threading issues, and their fixes. These things have been around for a while, but now they are here in slideshow form. Definitely check them out, even if you don't program ruby, as there are some interesting profiling/debugging shenanigans shown, among other things. Threaded Awesome from Aman Gupta

Post Twitter To

· Posted in Software
So I signed up at a while ago, but never really did anything with it. I also found Yahoo Pipes a while ago, and put it on my Todo List to look at, but that was about it. I don't know why I didn't think to look at it to do this. Anyway. Pipes lets you manipulate pretty much anything, RSS feeds being one of them. You can feed things around, or pipe them, and alter contents, do whatever. After a little Google work, I found this pipe that …

respond_to With respond_glue: Override respond_to

· Posted in Programming
So check this: you have a nice little Rails app. You have some stuff for a JSON API type system. You've got an STI setup with the Widget model class and the more concrete FancyWidget and WeirdWidget classes. You've got a WidgetsController, and the corresponding FancyWidgetsController and WeirdWidgetsController Yay. It works. You can deal with both types of Widgets using JSON. Now you need an HTML interface to it. Fine, you can just throw in a fo…

Atwood's Law Misunderstood

· Posted in Editorial
Jeff Atwood, of Coding Horror and stackoverflow fame made a blog post entitled All Programming is Web Programming Go read it, and come back, I'll wait. Okay back? Good I was originally just going to comment but then I realized the scroll bar couldn't get any smaller on my browser and the page size was probably close to some sort of limit, so that idea went out the window. So here goes… First off, Michael Braude seems a bit off his rocker. A few …

How Many Clicks Does It Take?

· Posted in Editorial
I signed up for gdgt despite the fact that I whined about it not supporting OpenID. Here I am. Wee. The first thing I tried to do when I got there was add a gadget to my have list. Makes sense right? That’s what you do. So I find the Dell 6400, and…there’s no ‘Have it!’ button. Hmm…well maybe if I…oh. There’s an ‘add to list’ button. Okay, that makes sense, since they have 3 lists: have, want, had. So I click that, and now I have to select a lis…