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Scribes, An Editor For Gnome

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I checked out Scribes this week, and I must say it has potential. It has a slick yet simple interface and look, and a few nice features.

It has word completion and template support, so you can setup snippets, and tell the cursor to tab through sections, so for example, you can have a ruby snippet to make a do end block, which will create the code, put the cursor in the block variable section, then a tab puts you in the block so you can write the code. Pretty slick. I realize this isn't new, but it just does it in a nicer way. You can download about 10 templates including ruby, rails, python, and C, and it's super simple to add your own. Other things include syntax highlighting, auto indent, and remote editing (although I didn't get to try that out).

It is fairly new, and as such still lacks a few features:

  • Indent control is global, so I can't have 4 space indents for C, and 2 for ruby.
  • Doesn't chmod +x files that have a shebang.
  • I can't select words at a time with the arrow keys, by pressing Shift+Ctrl and moving the arrows; might be a bug.
  • If I remember right, I can't use Ctrl+Backspace either. Again, it might be a bug, and I think this and the previous item are quite important, as I would imagine most of you.

It's pretty good, and has some potential but I switched back to emacs. Maybe in 6 months I'll try it again and see what has come of it. I encourage you to check it out.