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Code Bubbles

· Posted in Software
This is seriously cool, and makes me want to write Java code. I'd at least like to try it out. Read up on it at

My Watch List, Into 2010

· Posted in Software
Lots of interesting things are afoot, and I try to keep track of them. Here's what I'm watching. Rails 3 Lots of new changes are coming with Rails 3, and it's pretty exciting. I wrote about some of the cool ones here. Rails is shaping up to be faster, more modular, and generally better and easier to work with. With all the smart people working on it, you don't have to look very hard to realize this is going to be a big release, and is only going…

Hacking MarkItUp! To Help Me Embed Videos

· Posted in Programming
I use swfobject to embed videos because, as I explained back here, just blindly copying the embed code doesn't work that well half the time, and videos end up being different sizes, etc. I was getting kind of fed up with having to go back and remember how to do it every time though. The format is pretty straightforward, but I don't embed videos often enough to actually remember the exact syntax, so I found myself going back to posts with videos …

IdeaPaint, More Like AwesomePaint!

· Posted in Editorial
If anybody needs a last minute gift idea for me, this is it. Are you kidding me? One coat of this stuff and I can turn a wall into a whiteboard? Not only a whiteboard, but one of the highest performing whiteboard surfaces ever? Nice! This stuff comes with a warranty too, so they aren't even kidding. When I get an actual house that I care about and can have my own little room with my computers and whatnot, this is what's going on the wall. IdeaPa…

Cancel YouTube Uploads On Your iPhone

· Posted in Hardware
This might seem trivial, but once you start an upload of a video to YouTube from your iPhone, I couldn't find a way to cancel it. Well no more are terrible drunken videos going to get uploaded! Oh wait, yes they will. Nevermind. Anyway. The simple way? Just set your phone to airplane mode. It turns off the radio, so if you are uploading on your cellular network, this will cause the upload to fail. If you are on Wifi, I would also assume that you…