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Programming With A Guitar

· Posted in Software
The Devexpress folks apparently have a little competition once in a while to show that their software kicks ass. The last one (as stated in the video) was a guy with a keyboard and no Devexpress vs the guy with chopsticks and a keyboard, but using Devexpress. Cool! Now they step it up and they have a Guitar Hero controller to write code. Badass! flowplayer('devexpress-movie', { src: '/swf/flowplayer.swf', wmode: 'opqaue' }, { clip: { url: 'http:…

Code Project Add-In For Visual Studio 2008

· Posted in Programming
Code Project is a great resource for developers. I use it, have projects bookmarked, read the newsletter, and got the T-shirt (okay that's a lie…just the underwear). This makes it even better. You can search Code Project by doing little more than highlighting or copy/pasting code, typing in a few words, and blamo!, there you have it. it uses Live Search for MSDN and the intertubes, which I'm not overly keen on, but if I want to really search my …