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Threaded Awesome

· Posted in Programming
tmm1 and joedamato put up a good slide show on slideshare about ruby threading issues, and their fixes. These things have been around for a while, but now they are here in slideshow form. Definitely check them out, even if you don't program ruby, as there are some interesting profiling/debugging shenanigans shown, among other things. Threaded Awesome from Aman Gupta

Gtk And Ruby Threading Issues

· Posted in Programming
In one of my classes, we used Ruby and Gtk, but some issues popped up. The most obvious is using a block to do GUI update stuff and the like, from another thread. Things die. Puppies are killed. I found this post on Ruby Forum which fixed the problem. Relevant code. Basically, you call the Gtk.init_thread_protect method first when you start things up, then, whenever you need to do GUI update stuff, just wrap it in a Gtk.thread_protect {} block. …