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Rewrite Git History For Make Benefit Of Glorious Internet Tubes Of The World

· Posted in Software
Sometimes you do silly things. Like check big binary files into source control. Ones that shouldn't be in source control. This causes problems. Okay, well not really problems, but it has some effects. Cloning the repository takes longer, of course, since there are big files, and other operations can take longer too. But fret not! If you need to purge files from Git, you can. Now, you can't just remove the file, since it's still technically in th…

Why The Github's Really Are Better Than The cvsdude's

· Posted in Editorial
There are a lot of hosted source control providers out there. Github, bitbucket, cvsdude, ProjectLocker, Codaset, SourceForge, Codeplex, Google Code, Beanstalk, and I could probably keep going until all 5 of you stopped reading my blog. Personally, I'm a Github kind of guy. From the looks of things, I would also enjoy Codaset or bitbucket. We use cvsdude at CodeBaby, and while it gets the job done, it's not something I'd use otherwise. First, th…