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Deploying Your Ruby App With Mongrel2

· Posted in Software
If you're in the ruby world, and specifically the web side of the ruby world (Rails, Sinatra, etc), you should probably know who Zed Shaw is. I mean, he only wrote mongrel, which you're probably using as your application server. Well, he's been hard at work on Mongrel2, and it's a big change from the original mongrel. Mongrel2 isn't a ruby web server. It's (and I'm going to borrow straight from the site): Mongrel2 is an application, language, an…

ruby-openid IOError With Passenger

· Posted in Programming
The ruby-openid gem was giving me problems with Passenger, causing IOError problems. I found the fix here The gist of it? Add OpenID::Util.logger = RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER to environment.rb, and you're good!