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The crypto Chapter In Go, The Standard Library Is Available

· Posted in Books
Wow, that was a big one. Late Wednesday night I finished the crypto chapter in Go, The Standard Library, and it's a doozy. It pushes the size of the book up to 100 pages. Think about that. It's only 7 out of 40 chapters complete. It's kind of freaking me out. There's a mailing list, Twitter account, and a feedback form, so head over to The Standard Library for all things related to that. You can buy the book for only $39, and please do, because …

Go, The Standard Library Updates

· Posted in Books
Since I posted about the starting at the beginning of April, naturally I've made some progress. I haven't been posting updates here because there's the mailing list and Twitter for that, but I've got five chapters out so it's time for a blog update. I'm going through the packages alphabetically so archive, bufio, builtin, bytes, and compress are ready to go. Head over to to subscribe to the mailing list and …