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One Week, One iPhone 5

· Posted in Editorial
Last week, I, along with 5 million others, got an iPhone 5. I preordered it as soon as I could, and the UPS man showed up at 9:30 in the morning on the Friday. I had to go to the Telus store to get a new SIM card since my HTC Desire HD used the regular sized SIM and the iPhone 5 uses the nano SIM, 2 sizes smaller. Par for the course on Apple launch days, Telus’ system was down for most of the day, so I couldn’t activate my SIM, and hence use the…

Obligatory iPhone SDK EULA Change Post

· Posted in Editorial
If you don’t already know what this is going to be about, just skip it. If you haven’t already become aware of what’s happening, be thankful, and move on. If you really want to know, Google around for iphone sdk 3.3.1 and you can read up on the details. I’m writing this article as: A software engineer (EIT) An iPhone user Someone who originally wanted to develop for the iPhone, but now (even before these changes) lost interest Basics Before 3.3.…

Tiny Little Fails

· Posted in Editorial
There are lots of tiny little fails out there. Here are some that I’ve found. The Digg iPhone app The Digg app came out for the iPhone to much fanfare but I wasn’t originally a fan. First off, you can only really use the app if you have a regular Digg account. If you have a straight Facebook account like I did, there is no way to login. FAIL. If you’re going to release an app to let your users use your product, don’t alienate some of them becaus…

Why I Won't Be Buying An iPad (Yet)

· Posted in Hardware
I didn’t want to write about the iPad on day one, because I was fairly negative overall. I’m still not completely sold on it; it’s missing some things for me. Granted, I’m not the target audience for this device, and all these things I’m going to talk about are my pressure points. It you think the device will work for you, fine, but for what I want to do with it, it’s not quite there. No card slots The thing is big enough to put a card reader in…

Cancel YouTube Uploads On Your iPhone

· Posted in Hardware
This might seem trivial, but once you start an upload of a video to YouTube from your iPhone, I couldn't find a way to cancel it. Well no more are terrible drunken videos going to get uploaded! Oh wait, yes they will. Nevermind. Anyway. The simple way? Just set your phone to airplane mode. It turns off the radio, so if you are uploading on your cellular network, this will cause the upload to fail. If you are on Wifi, I would also assume that you…