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Why The Github's Really Are Better Than The cvsdude's

· Posted in Editorial
There are a lot of hosted source control providers out there. Github, bitbucket, cvsdude, ProjectLocker, Codaset, SourceForge, Codeplex, Google Code, Beanstalk, and I could probably keep going until all 5 of you stopped reading my blog. Personally, I'm a Github kind of guy. From the looks of things, I would also enjoy Codaset or bitbucket. We use cvsdude at CodeBaby, and while it gets the job done, it's not something I'd use otherwise. First, th…

POP Moved To Heroku

· Posted in Software
Adam Wiggins hooked me up with the Heroku stuff (and by hooked up, I mean I emailed Heroku support and he enabled the services for me), and so I moved my professional online presence to be hosted on Heroku. The URL is the same as before (, but now it should be just a bit snappier, and easier for me to deploy to. If you haven't at least checked out Heroku by visiting the site, do so now.

Up In The Cloud: People Missing The Point

· Posted in Editorial
You'll hear the phrase "the cloud is the future" a lot floating around the tubes, and a lot of people seem to dismiss it. I came across this from my RSS feeds, and one comment in particular caught my eye. I can get 1.5 tb hard drives for less than 70 Euros and they are accessible even if my net connection is down. I didn't quote the entire comment, since the poor grammar caused my head to hurt… This person is clearly missing the point. They've o…