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Rubber Duck Debugging

· Posted in Programming
Your software has bugs. Deal with it. To fix these bugs, I prefer the rubber duck debugging technique. Well, maybe prefer is too strong a word, but it’s definitely the first stop. Rubber duck debugging is when you have a bug, and can’t yet see what the problem is. You get a rubber duck, put it next to your monitor, and explain the problem you’re having. In the process of explaining the bug, you realize the root problem and are able to fix it. It…

Debugging Ruby By Aman Gupta

· Posted in Software
I wish I could see this guy speak. I learn so much just reading his slides and other writings, I can't even imagine what I'd learn if I was actually there. Debugging Ruby from Aman Gupta

Debugging Cucumber On Rails

· Posted in Programming
I like frameworks, but sometimes debugging them is more entertaining. I don't know why I didn't think of this method before, but mischa on github has a great little repo showing how you can do it. The README Usage: Add: require 'ruby-debug' require 'cucumber_rails_debug/steps' To features/support/env.rb Then use: Then debug # opens the debugger or Then what # prints out params, url and html Check it out here