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Make Your Own Celluloid

· Posted in Programming
Oh look, a post on ruby concurrency. LOLZ THREADS. Anyway, let's get past the lolz about ruby and threads and just run this on JRuby okay? Celluloid Celluloid is a ruby library to make concurrency easy. It gives you a nice object oriented interface to the concurrent patterns it provides. We're going to look at two specific interfaces: Actors and Futures. Before we begin, let me say I love Celluloid. I'm just doing this to see how much basic func…

Idiomatic Go Channel Timeout

· Posted in Programming
I've been doing a lot of Go programming lately, and it's good stuff. Go is a fairly new programming language coming out of Google from the minds of some really smart people, like Rob Pike and Russ Cox (among others). It's a C family language, so it has curly braces, has simple yet advanced concurrency features, and garbage collection. It's both high and low level, and was originally billed as a systems programming language. Now though, it seems …

Parallel Processing In The Real World

· Posted in Editorial
I go to movies. Lots of movies. Usually I get popcorn or a drink. Not always, but usually. What can be counted on, however, is the movie theatre staff ensuring that instead of everybody waiting in a single line, and popping off the top like a queue, we all wait in 3 or 4 separate lines. Why is this? It's stupid. At the Tim Horton's in my building, they do it properly. One big line, 3 tills, and they just call the next person. The line moves so f…