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Basecamp Next Todo Migrator

· Posted in Programming
I had this conversation on Twitter yesterday. That's fine. 37Signals is known for saying no to things in the interest of a better product. A migrator for BCX isn't exactly something that would add enough value to the product to warrant spending their time on it. It's cool. Don't worry, I got this I built one. It only took a couple hours to throw together and clean up. It's super basic, but it did the job for me. It handles todolists with their t…

On Programming Journals

· Posted in Editorial
You might have seen this gist make the rounds about keeping a programming journal. Writing things down is important. Write on paper, in a bug tracker, on your hand, whatever. Just write it down. Writing things down is important for two reasons: It helps you remember things. Your brain has a finite capacity, and if something is written down, especially in a “public” place, it probably won’t get forgotten. It keeps you sane. If you just try to rem…