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Please Learn C

· Posted in Editorial
A lot of CPU cycles were spent dealing with blog posts surrounding the whole iPhone SDK change. One by Zed Shaw was interesting because it addressed a different part of the problem. The point he makes is that there are people who claim to be coders out there when all they do is write ruby code. Ruby, python, C#, perl, or whatever are all good and fun. They are useful, powerful languages, each with their strong and weak points. The problem comes …

Debugging Ruby By Aman Gupta

· Posted in Software
I wish I could see this guy speak. I learn so much just reading his slides and other writings, I can't even imagine what I'd learn if I was actually there. Debugging Ruby from Aman Gupta

Threaded Awesome

· Posted in Programming
tmm1 and joedamato put up a good slide show on slideshare about ruby threading issues, and their fixes. These things have been around for a while, but now they are here in slideshow form. Definitely check them out, even if you don't program ruby, as there are some interesting profiling/debugging shenanigans shown, among other things. Threaded Awesome from Aman Gupta