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Find Queries Missing Indexes In Your Rails Application

· Posted in Programming
Rails developers aren't exactly known for getting their indexes right (or even at all) on their databases. Granted, databases are a tough subject, and some people and companies make their living dealing with only databases, and some only with one database (like MySQL or Oracle). If you're coming to web development with no formal background in databases, and it's all new to you, then it's totally understandable to maybe forget about indexes initi…

Getting Rid Of Transactions For The Poor Man

· Posted in Programming
A quick post for today. Want to get rid of transactions from ActiveRecord for something? Here's a cheap way to do it. It only works for MySQL obviously, but you can roll your own if you are on postgres. I'll make it a bit less crappy and make it a gem or something.

Rails 3 Release Notes: What Does It Mean To You?

· Posted in Software
The Rails 3 Beta got dropped a few days ago, and the release notes for Rails were put out a bit before that. The list of changes is long; this is a big release. There's a lot to sift through, a lot to change to upgrade your existing application, and a lot to learn whether you are upgrading or starting a new app. The big question is: WTF does all this mean to me? Don't worry, I'm going to tell you. If you want to read the full release notes, go f…