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Archives for 6/2011

Worst URL Shortener Ever

· Posted in Programming
I was bored last night, so I hacked this up. My original thought was since riak has an HTTP interface, I could just proxy GET requests to it when a short URL was used, but either I was doing it wrong or you can't set the Location header when you POST documents. Oh well. Anyway, this uses riak just to store the URL, and the riak key as the short URL key. There is no error checking, UI, or anything fancy. It's pretty much the simplest thing that c…

Idiomatic Go Channel Timeout

· Posted in Programming
I've been doing a lot of Go programming lately, and it's good stuff. Go is a fairly new programming language coming out of Google from the minds of some really smart people, like Rob Pike and Russ Cox (among others). It's a C family language, so it has curly braces, has simple yet advanced concurrency features, and garbage collection. It's both high and low level, and was originally billed as a systems programming language. Now though, it seems …