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Rubber Duck Debugging

· Posted in Programming
Your software has bugs. Deal with it. To fix these bugs, I prefer the rubber duck debugging technique. Well, maybe prefer is too strong a word, but it’s definitely the first stop. Rubber duck debugging is when you have a bug, and can’t yet see what the problem is. You get a rubber duck, put it next to your monitor, and explain the problem you’re having. In the process of explaining the bug, you realize the root problem and are able to fix it. It…

Applying Service Oriented Design To Yourself: Information Stream Management

· Posted in Editorial
Service Oriented Design (also known as Service Oriented Architecture) is a design technique used in software projects, both large and small. It follows the idea that you divide up a program into separate isolated pieces, or services. This sort of separation has a number of advantages. You can test and debug the pieces individually. You can change out pieces for new designs without affecting the rest of the system (provided the new systems use th…