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Archives for 11/2010

2 Node.js Apps That Showed Me The Light

· Posted in Programming
I don’t know if you know this, but everybody and their dog is writing node.js applications. It’s more popular than Kanye memes. It’s a contagious bug, and I caught it too. I had a one specific use case that it was perfect for, since a Javascript library already existed to do it. Another idea came later, and that’s the one that started it for me. So let’s get on with that. shortestpaper This was the one I started on. The basic problem was that mo…

How To Be a Successful Software Engineer

· Posted in Editorial
When it comes being great at what you do in life, there’s no real formula. Some people have that natural talent for something, and others just love it enough to dedicate the time to get better at it. Regardless of how you ended up where you are, there is always room for improvement. I’m going to talk about some of the things that have helped me along the way become better at what I do: write kickass software. Realistically, you can substitute “S…

Instant NoSQL Cluster With Chef, Cassandra, And Your Favorite Cloud Hosting Provider

· Posted in Software
Hi everybody! Okay, so don't worry, I'm not Dr. Nick Riviera, I'm not going to take your liver out. Well, not unless you need to sell it! I am going to tell how to get your NoSQL on with a little bit of Cassandra, a little bit of Chef, and a little bit of sensual.. NO NO NO! Nevermind, none of that. Seriously No really, we're going to get some /dev/null web scale up in this bitch But not with MongoDB. This setup is more suited to a Dynamo style …