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Archives for 9/2010

A Better jQuery Script For Embedly

· Posted in Programming
Embedly is a great service for generic embedding of content. Have you seen posterous? How they can just accept any link to a video on youtube, a picture on flickr, whatever, and it gets properly embedded? I imagine they could use Embedly to accomplish that. Anyway. They have a jQuery script to do embedding, but in the middle of if is this behemoth of a code smell: Oh noes a global variable! The implication of this is that you can only run one ca…

Catch Up On Twitter faster

· Posted in Programming
So you missed Twitter for a day? Have a long list of updates along the lines of "OMG this ice cream is fantastic!" to sort through? Fear no more, for I have the solution. Well. If you're using Chrome. I made a little Chrome extension that filters out tweets that have no actual links in them. Actual links are 'web' links, not links to user profiles or hashtags. Tweets are interesting and all, and if you are keeping up with them, a few about rando…