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Archives for 4/2010

Getting Rid Of Transactions For The Poor Man

· Posted in Programming
A quick post for today. Want to get rid of transactions from ActiveRecord for something? Here's a cheap way to do it. It only works for MySQL obviously, but you can roll your own if you are on postgres. I'll make it a bit less crappy and make it a gem or something.

Please Learn C

· Posted in Editorial
A lot of CPU cycles were spent dealing with blog posts surrounding the whole iPhone SDK change. One by Zed Shaw was interesting because it addressed a different part of the problem. The point he makes is that there are people who claim to be coders out there when all they do is write ruby code. Ruby, python, C#, perl, or whatever are all good and fun. They are useful, powerful languages, each with their strong and weak points. The problem comes …

Obligatory iPhone SDK EULA Change Post

· Posted in Editorial
If you don’t already know what this is going to be about, just skip it. If you haven’t already become aware of what’s happening, be thankful, and move on. If you really want to know, Google around for iphone sdk 3.3.1 and you can read up on the details. I’m writing this article as: A software engineer (EIT) An iPhone user Someone who originally wanted to develop for the iPhone, but now (even before these changes) lost interest Basics Before 3.3.…

Tiny Little Fails

· Posted in Editorial
There are lots of tiny little fails out there. Here are some that I’ve found. The Digg iPhone app The Digg app came out for the iPhone to much fanfare but I wasn’t originally a fan. First off, you can only really use the app if you have a regular Digg account. If you have a straight Facebook account like I did, there is no way to login. FAIL. If you’re going to release an app to let your users use your product, don’t alienate some of them becaus…

sinatra-bundles 0.2.0 Is Out

· Posted in Software
I pushed up a new version of sinatra-bundles and it's running smoothly on my blog here, so I best tell you about it. First, get your bundle on: % gem install sinatra-bundles require 'sinatra/bundles' Version 0.2.0 has a couple fun things. The sinatra dependency is bumped up to 1.0, since it's out (yay!), it's more awesome, and I'm not quite sure if the bug that prevented me from using earlier sinatra was fixed or not in the 0.9.6 release. etag s…